Technology 5

iOS Default Browser

For years, iOS has opened links with Safari with no way for you to change it. iOS 14 finally allows setting your default browser. Read more »

Exponentials in Pandemics and Innovation

Whether inside a computer or real life, a linear system under exponential pressure crashes and fails. Read more »

A More Representative Democracy

An outline for how a simple website could solve many of the problems with our current legislative systems. Read more »

The Communication Age

The explosion of the Internet and mobile devices shaped a new age where people across the globe are always connected and always communicating, irreversibly changing the way we meet, work, govern, and socialize. Read more »

The Past, Present, and Future of Computers

Computers have made an undeniably permanent mark on the world, but their success wasn't gained overnight. They slowly improved what they could do, leading to advancements that led to new advancements. Let's look at how they progressed to what they are today and try to predict what they might do in the future. Read more »