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Should Denver fans cheer against Kansas City in the Super Bowl?

A breakdown of what can happen when a team wins the Super Bowl and how its division rivals can benefit. Read more »

NFL Salaries by College

Ranking each NCAA football conference and school on how much their former players make in the NFL. Read more »

NCAAF Vegas Bias

Determining which college football programs are under or over valued against the spreads, moneylines, and over/unders. Read more »

Soccer is Aggravating

Soccer is a world-wide phenomenon, but here’s why I find it really hard to watch. Read more »

Why the Thrashers left Atlanta

Atlanta has become a hockey punchline. We've lost two NHL franchises: the Flames in 1980 and the Thrashers in 2011. Here's why the Thrashers leaving had more to do with America Online than with the city or its hockey fans. Read more »

NCAAF Interconference Records

Complete list of inter-conference games since 1998 (the BCS and playoff eras). Browse the conferences, teams, and years to decide whether there's enough evidence for a "better conference". Read more »

SEC 2012: Season Review

With the 2012 SEC regular season now complete, let's explore how the two-team expansion gave scheduling a major role in each team's success or failure. Read more »

Don't hate the SEC

If you're a college football fan from outside the SEC, you may think the SEC is ruining college football, but let me tell you how it could be the opposite. Read more »

Tim Tebow is better than you

I'm a Broncos fan and people can't stop talking to me about Tim Tebow. Now that his fate as a Bronco is sealed, here's my opinion. Read more »