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Worst Movie of 2020

My pick for worst movie of the year along with my favorites to wrap up a terrible year at the movies. Read more »

Best TV of the Pandemic - Part One

My favorite TV released during the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic: March 16 - Sept 16, 2020. Read more »

Cancelled and Forgotten by Everyone but me?

A list of the TV shows that came and went. Read more »

TV's Biggest Finales on May 14th

A list of the best TV series that ended their run on May 14th. Read more »

Followed Actors & Directors

People who consistently help make movies they’re involved in worth watching or just people I like watching in movies. Read more »

TV Shows = Great Ringtones

List of songs from television shows that make great ringtones. Read more »

Gilmore Girls Alumni

A look at the cast members that gained significant fame after Gilmore Girls. Read more »

Enjoyable Music Videos

List of music videos that I enjoyed over the years and don’t want to forget for some reason. Maybe you’ll find a couple to enjoy? Read more »

Movie Recommendations

Movies that I enjoyed enough that I think you should look into them. They tend to be unique, covering perspectives and topics I’ve never seen on screen before. Read more »

TV Recommendations

TV shows I enjoy watching. You may or may not agree, but I suggest you look into some. Read more »